30 cm imagery is here!

Our customers are Seeing a better world™ with the gold standard in satellite imagery

As the global leader in satellite imagery, DigitalGlobe is proud to once again push the boundaries of innovation by being the first company to deliver 30 cm resolution imagery.

This 5x improvement in resolution represents the definition of very-high resolution imagery.
30 cm imagery delivers clearer, richer images that empower better decision making through improved situational awareness.

Enabling more answers from imagery

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See the improvement over 70 cm imagery

Resolution matters. You cannot create data from nothing and the laws of physics cannot be conquered via software enhancements. These indisputable facts are why DigitalGlobe and its customers place such high value on the ability to see the world in the clearest, most detailed way yet.

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30 cm imagery brings new value to a variety of use cases and market segments including mining, oil and gas, civil government, social/mobile/location services, and even global development organizations. This new level of value means better operational efficiency and cost management, more effective disaster planning and recovery, a better customer experience in consumer-facing, map-centric market segments, and more efficient humanitarian assistance.

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